Data Extraction

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Data Extraction

Utilising information from many different online sources - websites - can be very useful when making business decisions. The data is everywhere but most of it is unserviceable because it is not structured in the format that you need it to be.
However, the data extraction process is time consuming and can result in many errors if not performed by professionals. So we highly recommend using our service which will deliver any kind of information that is useful to you from a wide range of sources, within a very short time.

Our data extraction process - otherwise known as data mining or data scraping - will retrieve data from the sea of unstructured data, structure it and make it accessible in an appropriate format. It works on DaaS (Data as a Service) ,which means that our robots will collect, filter, sort and clean the data.

The final results will be delivered in a structured and ready to use format, for use in:

  • price comparison, market research, e-commerce
  • dropshipping
  • realtime monitoring (betting, forex traders, stocks, ...)
  • job search
  • SEO
  • content duplication alerts and brand monitoring
  • lead generation
  • ...etc.

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