DEX8 infrastructure pricing: robots, databases, files, tasks, crons, exporters
After registration you'll receive a free account with free infrastructure (robots, databases etc.). Although the free infrastructure is fully functional, it will have limited power and privacy because the robots and databases are shared with other DEX8 users. That's why we recommend that you upgrade your account by buying private robots, databases, extra files, tasks and cron jobs etc. as required.
Here is our infrastructure prices:
  Product Name Short Description Category Unit Price
NoSQL AminiServer NoSQL AminiServer NoSQL standalone server - 1CPU, 1GB RAM, 25GB SDD, datacenters (1 month) databases 40.00 EUR
NoSQL Database NoSQL Database Additional NoSQL database (1 month) databases 15.00 EUR
API Exporter API Exporter API endpoints to fetch collected data (1 month) resources 80.00 EUR
CSV Exporter CSV Exporter Export collected data from NoSQL to CSV (1 month) resources 50.00 EUR
Cron Job Cron Job Cron job for scheduling DEX8 tasks (1 month) resources 10.00 EUR
File File A space for a file (1 month) resources 1.00 EUR
Task Task A space for a task (1 month) resources 5.00 EUR
AmaxiRobot AmaxiRobot 2cpu, 4GB RAM, 100GB SDD, 5 NoSQL, datacenters (1month) robots 100.00 EUR
AmidiRobot AmidiRobot 1 CPU, 2GB RAM, 50GB SDD, 3 NoSQL, datacenters (1 month) robots 60.00 EUR
AminiRobot AminiRobot 1 CPU, 1GB RAM, 25GB SSD, 1 NoSQL, datacenters (1month) robots 40.00 EUR
CrudeRobot CrudeRobot shared CPU/RAM/SSD resources, 1 NoSQL, Germany (1 month) robots 20.00 EUR
FreeRobot FreeRobot 1 CPU, 1GB RAM, 8GB SDD, 1 NoSQL, Ireland (forever) robots 0.00 EUR
Development - Level A Development - Level A Programming, web development service (1 hour) services 31.25 EUR
Development - Level B Development - Level B Programming, web development service (1 hour) services 25.00 EUR
MultiPageBOT MultiPageBOT MultiPageBOT extracts data from a web page list. turnkey tasks 50.00 EUR
SinglePageBOT SinglePageBOT SinglePageBOT extracts data from a single web page. turnkey tasks 0.00 EUR