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extract search results from the Google search engine

  Google Search Engine Scraper


Turnkey task searchEngineGoogle extracts search results from Google.com search engine.
It will extract URL, title, text and determine if the search result is paid or organic.
The extracted data is saved into the database with option to be classified under category and subcategory.


  • lists Google search engine results by entering a specific search term
  • search a specific website by defining site: search operator
  • generic search results from All type (web results)
  • clicks the "Next Page" button automatically and extracts data from every page
  • classifies the extracted data under category and subcategory
  • saves the extracted data in NoSQL database as JSON document
  • track results in real-time by DEX8 Echo mesages

Usage examples:

  • SERP - search engine result page
  • SEO - search engine optimisation
  • Aggregated Search Engine - presents search results from different information sources
  • detect position of a web page and monitor its competition
  • determine if search result is organic or paid result
  • access Google search results via DEX8 API
  • schedule this task and execute periodically

Input parameters:

name type description example
site string get search result from the web site www.adsuu.com
search_term string search term laptop
mo_uri string mongoDB URI with credentials mongodb://dex8_freeuser:xyz@
mo_coll string mongoDB collection adverts_Google
category string defines under which category the data will be saved IT
subcategory string defines under which sub category the data will be saved computers

Input File

The example of input file (input_default.js):
module.exports = {
  site: '',
  search_term: 'forex',
  mo_uri: 'mongodb://dex8_freeuser:xxx@',
  mo_coll: 'google_forex',
  category: 'finance',
  subcategory: 'forex'

Output Result

A document stored in the MongoDB database:
    "_id" : ObjectId("5ea594e9fceea8a3ae6918b9"),
    "user_id" : ObjectId("3ea594e9fceea8a3ae6918ab"),
    "task_id" : null,
    "url" : "www.plus500.com/forex/tradingwww.plus500.com/forex/trading",
    "updated_at" : ISODate("2020-04-26T14:06:41.007+0000"),
    "robot_id" : null,
    "search_term" : "forex",
    "site" : "",
    "se" : "google",
    "is_paid" : true,
    "subcategory" : "",
    "category" : "",
    "text" : "Trade Currencies With No Commission! CFD service, 76.4% of retail lose money. Stop wasting money on commissions: Switch to Plus500 commission-free trading. Intuitive Platform. Trading Platform. Analysis Tools. Web Trader - No Download. Brexit Opportunities.",
    "title" : "Buy and Sell Forex With CFDs | GBP, EUR, USD, CHF and More‎",
    "__v" : 0,
    "created_at" : ISODate("2020-04-26T14:04:31.652+0000")

PRICE: 30.00 EUR /month

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