Web Panel

Learn how to use the Web Panel


The main purpose of this page is to teach you how to set up and run crawlers and/or automation tasks by simply using your favourite web browser, for example, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer ...


After registration, the administrator will create an account with a username and password and send it to your email. Use this username and password to log in into your Web Panel.  DEX8 Web Panel - Login

Web Panel Sections

The Web Panel is logically and functionally divided into sections:
  • Shop - an online shop where users can buy additional resources such as robots, databases and storage space for files and tasks.
  • Turnkey Tasks - a list of turnkey solutions
  • Robots - a list of robot machines which can be used to execute DEX8 scripts e.g. tasks
  • Databases - a list of NoSQL databases where robots can store extracted data
  • Files - JavaScript files, which are the basic building blocks for the tasks
  • Tasks - where the Web Panel user can create, edit and delete robot tasks
  • Echoes - messages returned from the robots, which show the task execution status
  • Deployments - a list of deployed task statuses
  • Collections - a list of extracted data, which is stored in an NoSQL database
  • Exporters - for exporting data from a NoSQL database to a CSV file or for reaching it via API
  • Scheduler - where the user can schedule specific tasks to be executed
DEX8 Web Panel - Tasks