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Files are basic building blocks for every task. The task is the instruction, which tells the robot what to do. In most cases, a file is one JavaScript function. A file cannot be shared among tasks and it is binded to only one task.

The Files section contains a list of all files that are in use.
Here, the user can find information on files, add a new file, edit or delete an existing file. DEX8 Web Panel - List Files

By clicking on the Edit button, a modal with JS Editor will be opened. DEX8 Web Panel - Edit File


Task is a collection of files - JS functions - which tell the robot what to do.
A task is executed in a NodeJS environment, and therefore, it must contain one main.js file.
All other files within the task are connected with the main file with the CommonJS module system module.exports.

The Tasks section contains a list of all task scripts, which can be deployed on one or more robots. DEX8 Web Panel - List Tasks

Here, the user can:
  • create a new task
  • find all information about the task(s)
  • edit an existing task
  • delete a task
  • delete all tasks on the account

Edit Task

On the Edit Task page, task details can be modified.
The page can be downloaded to the computer for local use.
Here, new files can also be added, edited or deleted. DEX8 Web Panel - Edit Task

Add New Task

New tasks can be created on the Add Task page.
Instead of entering data in HTML form, a task/task file can be uploaded from a local computer. If task with same title/category already exists it will be overwritten by a new task. DEX8 Web Panel - Upload Task

In this case, tasks must have manifest.json where HTML form fields are defined.
  "title": "005echo",
  "description": "The example shows how to use Echo helper.",
  "thumbnail": "",
  "category": "dex8example",
  "howto": "",
  "files": []