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Exporters are an important part of the DEX8 platform. The primary storage for extracted/scraped data is a NoSQL database. The Exporter will take NoSQL/JSON data and convert it into the format that you would like to use.
Currently, the DEX8 platform uses CSV Exporter.
Data from a NoSQL database can also be accessed via API endpoints.

As the user has full NoSQL database access, all data can be converted to any format from the local computer.

CSV Exporter

When data from the NoSQL database is selected and listed, it is ready for CSV export.
By clicking on Export Documents, all listed data will be downloaded to the local computer. DEX8 Web Panel - CSV Exporter

API Exporter

API Exporter has 4 endpoints:
  1. GET /{apiSecret}/mongo/{datbase_id}/{database_name}/list?limit=&skip=&sort=&select= - list results (documents) which can be paginated
  2. GET /{apiSecret}/mongo/{datbase_id}/{database_name}/{document_id} - get a document
  3. DELETE /{apiSecret}/mongo/{datbase_id}/{database_name}/{document_id} - delete a document
  4. PUT /{apiSecret}/mongo/{datbase_id}/{database_name}/{document_id} - modify a document
DEX8 Web Panel - API Exporter

Every endpoint requires API Secret which can be modified from the popup modal when the API Secret button is clicked. Any external application can use API endpoints by utilising API Secret key. DEX8 Web Panel - API Exporter - API Seret