Task Development

Learn how to code DEX8 Tasks

Start Task

When task coding is finished test it from the command line (terminal).
To do that use command: $ dex8 start -i input.json
If input is not required in the task use: $ dex8 start

After that echo messages should be printed in the console.
To print short echo messages use: $ dex8 start -i input.json -s
DEX8 Task Development - Start the Task

Upload Task

If you can start task without errors upload it to the DEX8 System: $ dex8 upload.
When the task is successfully uploaded login to the Web Panel and deploy your task to one or multiple DEX Robots.
DEX8 Task Development - Deploy the Task

Your robots have received the task and are working for you.
And finally it's time for you to sit back and enjoy !!!