Task Development

Learn how to code DEX8 Tasks

Input File

An input file contains initial data which is important and needed for every DEX8 Robot process.
There are some situations in which you will develop tasks where input is not needed. In such cases you can omit this file completely.

Naming Convention

Every file which has "input" string in its name will be considered an input file. The file must be written in the JSON format. Let's see some valid input file names:

  • input.json
  • input_2.json
  • myInput.json
  • someInput56.json
Name "input_default.json" is reserved for turnkey tasks so please do not use it.


Every task's file is stored in our database and as such requires enhanced security. Especially if input data contains a password or any other secure credentials. To make you passwords safe in your input file is simple. Just use a field which contains the string "password" (case insensitive) and it will be strongly encrypted in the database.
For example:

module.exports = {
  'a': 111,
  'username': 'pero',
  'password': 'Pass1',
  'password_1': 'pass2',
  'MyPAssword_1': 'PaSS3'
See this example.

Multiple Input Files

Sometimes you will want to create multiple input files as different initial conditions for DEX8 Task.
Such files can be used via command: $ dex8 start -i input2.json

or via the Web Panel
DEX8 Task Development - Multi Inputs