Task Development

Learn how to code DEX8 Tasks

Init New Task

To create a task folder with initial files use command: $ dex8 init <taskName>.
For example the command: $ dex8 init myTest will create folder (directory) myTest with some basic files which can be changed later (see the image below).

dex8 init

The Basic Files

  1. .editorconfig file has instructions for your editor (https://editorconfig.org)
  2. .eslintrc file will check and maintain the code quality
  3. .gitignore file will contain GIT ignore instructions
  4. package.json file defines NPM packages which can be used. Do not modify this file !!!
  5. manifest.json file which contains DEX8 Task details
  6. howto.html file which contains DEX8 Task description. Describe here how to use the task.
  7. main.js file is main execution file. From here the process is starting.
  8. input.json file which contains input data: The input data is processed by the main.js and other functions.
NOTICE: Files .editorconfig, .eslintrc, .gitignore and package.json shouldn't be modified. If you add some packages into packages.json those added packages will not work with DEX8 robots.