Task Development

Learn how to code DEX8 Tasks


When developing DEX8 Tasks it is important to take into consideration that the code you write should be executed in a DEX8 Robot environment. The DEX8 Robot is especially designed for NodeJS instance so every Task should be written in Javascript. The robot uses a limited number of NPM packages such as: Puppeteer, Cheerio, Bluebird, Mongoose etc.

There are two ways to create a DEX8 Task:
  1. Web Panel - login into the Web Panel and code your task by using your web browser
  2. DEX8-SDK - install dex8-sdk and develop the task by using your favourite code editor
The second way is faster and more flexible so this tutorial will focus on this method.


The main purpose of the lesson is to teach you how to develop DEX8 Tasks by using Javascript (NodeJS) language and its libraries. We assume that you already have JavaScript programming knowledge and the other prerequisites.
The lessons will go step by step supported by many examples. DEX8 Task Development - Code