Build robot tasks with ease
DEX8-SDK is a library which helps developers to build complex automation scripts so called DEX8 Tasks.
The library is divided into two parts:
   1. CLI - Command Line Interface
   2. Helpers - a set of helper libraries which makes task creation easier


  • CLI - Command Line Interface

    - init, delete, start, upload and download tasks from command line
  • Helpers

    - rich helper libraries
    1. Echo - a library for sending messages to web panel or log it to console
    2. FunctionFlow - a library for controlling JS functions execution flow
    3. HttpClient - a HTTP/HTTPS Client with promises and 301 redirection
    4. Mongo - methods to save, list, update, delete mongoDB documents
    5. Rand - generate stohastic numbers, shuffle array elements, ...etc


1. Installation
$ npm install -g dex8-sdk
Now you can use DEX8-SDK CLI commands.
2. Start a new project (task)
$ dex8 init <taskName> - creates minimum of files needed for task development
$ cd <taskName>
3. Develop task
Use DEX8-SDK helpers to develop you crawler, scraper, data extraction or any automation tool.
4. Test a task
$ dex8 start -i input.js -s - test task on your localhost
5. Login to Web Panel
$ dex8 login - login with username:password which you are using to login into Web Panel
6. Upload a task
If everything is ok with your task upload it to Web Panel:
$ dex8 upload